Interview: Andy Rogers on providing a big company offer with a small company mentality

By: Andy Rogers
In: Dapper News
August 2021

Dapper Marketing Group caught up with Andy Rogers of Rogers Watson to talk about his work and our partnership with them.

What services do you provide?
We do the design, build and fit-out of marketing suites, signage and hoarding for housebuilders. We create the entire sales arena covering everything in the customer journey up to the show home.
We do the marketing suite, the fascia and signage on it, and the interior manufacture and fit-out. Where possible we look to follow five key sales steps – one: meet & greet, two: exploring the development and house types available, three: viewing the show home, four: the sales trap where the sales adviser discusses financials and closes, and step five: options and choices selection.

Who do you work with and what types of developments are they?
Our biggest clients are Generator Group, Gentoo Homes, Elevate and Burrington Estates. They’re a real mix of developments. Generator develop mid-level houses and flats, Elevate is high-end flats in city centres, Gentoo is intermediate – so shared ownership and more affordable market homes, and Burrington create high-end houses in the South West. We like to work with small-to-medium sized housebuilders that can grow with us. We like to offer a personal touch and focusing on this sector of the market ensures that we can support clients to the fullest extent.

What is the most challenging project you've worked on?
Elevate in Trent Bridge. We took on the entire project including the electrics, partition walls, plumbing and flooring. Normally we would get the marketing suite as a white box but on this occasion, it was a blank canvas and we had to do the whole lot. It was a very high-end finish and we managed to get everything done on time and on budget, but it wasn’t easy. Everyone that’s walked in has absolutely loved it.

How did you get into signage and marketing suites?
I started out doing project management for retail fit-out in the high end retail and hospitality sector working with the likes of Harrods, Michel Roux and Club Wembley along with Ted baker and M&S. I moved to Redditch to run the M&S account and my wife and I weren’t big fans of the area so we decided to move back to Cambridge after I was offered a role with Albion Manufacturing, who specialised in marketing suites for housebuilders. They obviously saw transferable skills and gave me a chance to run their housebuilder accounts including the national Barratt and David Wilson accounts. When they went into administration, I decided to set up my own business and took some of the Barratt and David Wilson work with me. After a period of time, and as our first child was born, ThinkBDW noticed us and took the business on. I went to work for them as a project manager which later developed into client services director.

Why did you decide to team up with Dapper?
I knew Jonathan from my time at ThinkBDW and we had become good friends, but it just made sense. We do everything that Dapper don’t do and they do everything we don’t do, so together we can pick up every single bit and do it. That puts us in a position that only a few big companies in the industry are in. The difference with us is that we have a small company mentality with a big company offer. I like to think that our service is more personable, but we still have the experience because everyone in our team is either ex ThinkBDW or has worked for a big industry player.

What are your ambitions for the future?
We want to win pitches against the industry leaders and prove to clients that we can not only compete with them but also do a better job. I also want clients that we become friends with. Where they give us the flexibility to have a bit of fun with what we do and create something different that they and us can be really proud of.